Published: 17-12-2020 09:42 | Updated: 29-12-2020 08:14

SSF grant to BioNut researcher

Close-up of a woman indoors
Victoria Menendez-Benito Photo: Anders Lindholm

We wish to congratulate Victoria Menéndez-Benito at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, who has been awarded a two-year Strategic Mobility Grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). This grant aims to increase personal mobility, knowledge transfer, and cross-fertilization between academia and industry.

Victoria Menéndez-Benito has received 1.1 million SEK for a collaborative project with Astra Zeneca R&D Gothenburg. Together, they will explore the role of centrosomes and cilia in chronic kidney disease, a devastating condition that leads to kidney failure that affects one in every ten people worldwide.