Published: 21-02-2024 16:17 | Updated: 21-02-2024 18:09

SSD - KI's student group for environment and sustainability issues

The board of Students for Sustainable Development. Photo: Privat

The organisation Students for Sustainable Development (SSD) is run by KI students who are passionate about environmental and sustainability issues. The group organizes everything from seminars and workshops to clothing exchange days and movie nights.

Annie Barna-Lázár, PR Manager for SSD. Photo: Privat

Hi Annie Barna-Lázár, PR manager and board member of SSD! Tell us more about what you do

– SSD organises events around sustainable development goals. We educate students and researchers about sustainability through workshops, lectures, and conferences, and by organizing events such as clothing swaps and food waste dinners. 

– We also work on systemic change at Medicinska Föreningen (MF) and KI by assessing sustainability using the Planetary Health Report Card and other initiatives. We also participate in direct actions such as climate strikes and raise awareness through our social media presence.

How engaged are KI students in sustainability issues? 

– I think most students at KI are aware of the sustainability crisis and many want to take action, but may not know how to start. This is completely understandable and we in SSD are trying to create a platform where students can share their ideas and turn them into a reality that contributes to change. We want everyone who gets involved in SSD to learn something and of course have fun in the process.

– I have also noticed that more international students are participating in SSD, and now we are working to engage more students on Swedish programmes.

How to become active in SSD? 

– Everyone is welcome to join our Whatsapp group via our social media channels. There we share information and meeting dates. 

– Joining the SSD doesn't mean you have to take on work or organise our activities, but we welcome everyone to our committee meetings, which take place every two or three weeks. This is where we share the group's plans, share our ideas and tell you more about how to get involved in different events.

– I would also like to announce that we are looking for a second student to work with PR issues within the Board in 2024. The assignment can be found under our social media link tree

What's happening this spring? 

– A lot is going on! We are now planning several big events. We will have an event on International Women's Day to highlight gender equality, which is crucial for sustainable development. We are also planning a free clothing exchange and a Too Good to Go dinner at KI, which have been successful in the past. 

– In May, we are organising a conference on sustainable research, where researchers can learn more about reducing animal testing and lab waste. 

– Students can also look forward to more social events, perhaps hikes or tours of Stockholm, and hopefully more lectures and workshops. Please follow our social media accounts to stay updated on our events and future initiatives," says Annie Barna-Lázár.

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