Published: 04-06-2024 15:57 | Updated: 05-06-2024 13:33

Solemn and joyful ceremonies for this semester’s graduates

Students from a program lined up on the Erling Persson Hall stage photographed from behind.
The degree students from one of the programmes receiving an envelope with congratulations. Photo: Fredrik Persson

Last Thursday and Friday brought more excitement than ordinary weekdays and we have the graduating students to thank for it. It was time for the graduation ceremonies for all KI’s study programmes.

To accommodate all of the programmes, a total of four ceremonies were organised, spread across Thursday, 30 May, and Friday, 31 May. The ceremony with the highest number of study programmes took place on Thursday, celebrating the eleven global master’s programmes in Aula Medica, shining ever so brightly under the early summer sun. The same joyful atmosphere continued the following day when the graduating students from all undergraduate programmes were honoured during three ceremonies.

Melodic tunes in the Erling Persson Hall

President Annika Östman Wernerson, Academic Vice President for Higher Education Ewa Ehrenborg and student marshal by the podium.
President Annika Östman Wernerson, Academic Vice President for Higher Education Ewa Ehrenborg and student marshal. Photo: Fredrik Persson

At all four ceremonies, pleasant string melodies welcomed both graduates and their loved ones into Erling Persson Hall, yet again host to the celebration of the approximately thousand graduating students. This beautiful music accompanied their procession. The welcome speeches by Professor Rune Brautaset and KI President Annika Östman Wernerson addressed topics such as that the examinees are long-awaited and will improve human health in many different ways, as well as the importance of rest and having fun both on and off work.

Following the welcome speech, a programme representative addressed the newly graduated students from their respective programmes, wishing them success in their upcoming professional lives. Many a word of wisdom was said, such as urging the examinees to shape the future they want to be part of and to keep their “student mode” by staying curious. After this, graduates were called up on stage one by one, receiving envelopes with well-wishes to the audience’s applause. After each programme was called up on the stage, a beautiful trumpet fanfare was played.

Festive violin funk

The ceremonies concluded with the song “This is the moment”, sung by Oskar Bien and accompanied by the strings of Rosa Kvartetten. Following this, a version of Bruno Mars’ festive “Uptown funk” was performed, entirely in a string arrangement with Rosa Kvartetten. Afterwards, the procession marched out to the Swedish summer psalm “Den blomstertid nu kommer” and the former students could step out into spring to continue the celebration.

Photos from the graduation ceremonies of spring 2024

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