Published: 06-07-2021 15:32 | Updated: 06-07-2021 15:33

Seven researchers at NVS receive grants from The Swedish Brain Foundation 2021

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This year, The Swedish Brain Foundation will distribute SEK 106 million in research grants. Karolinska Institutet is awarded 42% of these and includes seven researchers at the Department of Neurobiology, Health Sciences and Society (NVS) as recipients.

Maria Eriksdotter, Division of Clinical Geriatrics
Fortsatta studier av NGF, BDNF och modulatorer som terapi vid Alzheimers sjukdom

Daniel Ferreira, Division of Clinical Geriatrics
‘FindDLB’ – A leading platform for Swedish research in Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Per Nilsson, Division of Neurogeriatrics
Autofagi som potentiell terapi för Alzheimers tau patologi

Marianne Schultzberg, Division of Neurogeriatrics
Pro-resolverande behandling i Alzheimers sjukdom – inflammationens goda sida

Lars Tjernberg, Division of Neurogeriatrics
Patogena mekanismer i nervceller - Nanoskopi ger ledtrådar till behandling av AD

Eric Westman, Division of Clinical Geriatrics
Precisionsmedcin, svaret till gåtan Alzheimers sjukdom?

Bengt Winblad, Division of Neurogeriatrics
Utveckling av nya modulatorer av FKBP51 för behandling av Alzheimer sjukdom