Published: 08-02-2023 10:00 | Updated: 08-02-2023 10:00

Say hello to this spring's exchange bloggers

Are you interested to know what it's like to study abroad? Then you should check out the Study Abroad blog, where KI students share their lives as exchange students. New Zealand, London, and Spain are some of the places where the current KI students are spending this spring semester.

During previous semesters, we have been able to follow KI students who have been on exchanges in Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, and the US. The current bloggers have also found exciting places to go on exchange.  Here is a short presentation of them and what they are looking forward to. Visit to follow their travels!

Amadea. Photo: Private.

Amadea, Psychology Programme - Leiden, The Netherlands

“During the spring I will, among other things, study the courses: Economic and Consumer Psychology, Pharmacological and Biological Approaches to Clinical and Health Psychology, as well as Health and Medical Psychology at Universiteit Leiden. I am looking forward to the courses and meeting new people with different backgrounds, cultures, and ways of thinking! I also look forward to discovering different cities, cafés, and experiencing the Dutch culture.”

Denisa. Photo: Private.

Denisa, Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship - Auckland, New Zealand

“My exchange is at the University of Auckland where I’ll be spending my last semester of school and carrying out my degree project with a company. I'm excited about the adventure of moving halfway across the world and all it encompasses - meeting new people, discovering New Zealand and Maori culture. I'm very fond of picturesque landscapes and outdoorsy lifestyle so New Zealand has been on my bucket list for a while. I also look forward to getting out of the KI bubble and expanding my horizons in a different academic environment.”

Emma. Photo: Private.

Emma, Midwifery Programme - London, UK

“I am in my last semester in the midwifery program and this spring I will write my master's thesis in London. I look forward to meeting exciting people and experiencing London. Above all, I look forward to creating an everyday life in such an exciting world metropolis as London. I also have very exciting study visits planned.”

Zoë. Photo: Private.

Zoë, Master's Programme in Biomedicine - Sydney, Australia

“I will do the Final Degree Project of my studies in Sydney. During my exchange overseas, I look forward to meeting new people and adapting to Sydney's lifestyle. Besides pursuing fascinating research, I would also love to discover some of the country's best landscapes and make the most out of the Australian summer.”

Özer. Photo: Private.

Özer, Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine - Barcelona, Spain

“I have chosen to go on to sunny Spain where I will do my degree project at the University of Barcelona. I look forward to getting to know the Spanish culture better, meeting new people from different cultures and having the best and unique experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

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