Published: 08-04-2019 12:58 | Updated: 08-04-2019 13:16

Portrait of researchers and their innovations in a new brochure

20 years of innovation @ Karolinska Institutet

A number of products and solutions have been developed out of research at Karolinska Institutet and contribute to great social benefit. To highlight this, KI Innovations AB has produced a brochure that presents twenty researchers and their innovations.

”The purpose is to illustrate the variety and breadth that exists amongst innovations from KI to inspire future innovators. The selection was a real challenge, it was gleaned from the unbelievable number of stories of value that are worthy of attention,” said Lilian Wikström, CEO of KI Innovations.

The brochure was launched on Friday 29 March in connection with a seminar in Biomedicum on the theme of 20 years of innovation @Karolinska Institutet. Three of the twenty innovators told of their experiences with combining their research to realise it in the form of a product or service to benefit patients.

Mattias Nilsson from the company, Lexplore recounted his story about the early identification of children with dyslexia. Klas Wiman, co-founder of the pharmaceutical company, Aprea has been involved in developing a new cancer treatment based on p53. At that time, doctoral student Johan Lundberg was involved in developing a completely new medical device, namely a microcatheter with unique properties, which amongst other things makes it possible to deliver medication directly to organs that are hard to reach.

The final presentation was from Berkeh Nasri, who has relatively recently taken the step to reach out with her idea. She is one of the founders of Mindmend, which is developing an e-health platform for psychological treatment. Today, the company is part of the KI Innovation business incubator, DRIVE.

”We actually have the opportunity to re-establish Sweden as a strong player in the global life sciences area. There are political ambitions at national, regional and municipal levels. Here, I see that KI has an important role to play and a responsibility,” said Ole Petter Ottersen, president of KI.