Published: 23-11-2021 17:04 | Updated: 10-08-2023 19:14

Per Hall praised for his research on breast cancer prevention

Per Hall.
Per Hall is awarded a prize for his research on breast cancer prevention. Photo: Bosse Johansson/Getty Images

The Breast Cancer Association's award 2021 goes to chief physician and KI professor Per Hall. He is recognized for his broad research on how breast cancer can be prevented and detected early with refined and individual methods.

Professor Hall is receiving the award for "his long-standing clinical work which underpins his dedicated efforts in patient-centred research – all the time with a focus on preventing breast cancer and thus reducing the mortality rate of the disease."

“Many of the risk factors for breast cancer are now known. More lives could be saved if women received treatment even before the disease had developed. In Sweden, there are conditions for early detection and treatment, yet the number of women dying from the disease does not decrease. Mammograms every two years are not enough for all women,” says Per Hall in the press release from the Swedish Breast Cancer Association.

Per Hall is Professor of Epidemiology at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Karolinska Institutet and Chief Physician at Södersjukhuset. He is the research leader for the much-publicized Karma Project, which has the goal to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, find more effective treatments and thus give thousands of women the opportunity to avoid and survive breast cancer.

About the award

The Swedish Breast Cancer Association – Bröstcancerförbundet – is a national interest organisation with 11,000 members and 32 local breast cancer associations around the country. The organisation finance breast cancer research, offer support and rehabilitation to those affected, and carry out advocacy work on breast cancer issues.

The Breast Cancer Association's Award was established in 2004 to direct the focus to passionate people in the field of breast cancer. The award is presented in collaboration with AstraZeneca.

More about the award (in Swedish)