Published: 22-08-2023 10:01 | Updated: 22-08-2023 10:01

NVS International Week 2023

International Week kicks off in 2023. Photo: Division of Occupational therapy.

For the eleventh time, the international week was organized by the international occupational therapy team and their partners. The event started with Uganda in 2012, through the Linnaeus-Palme program.

The main purpose of the week is to create an energetic international teaching environment around the subject of professional identity, with a group of students from different health care sciences study programmes.

This year, 23 students and 14 teachers from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Uganda, Belgium, Canda, Norway, Denmark, Chile, Slovenia, Austria, and Sweden participated in the activities at ANA23.

A keynote speaker was introduced for the first time, and as a way of promoting internationalization at home, first year students at the KI study programme in Occupational Therapy were invited. The auditorium was filled up by students and colleagues. The topic of the keynote address was the systematic implementation of the Lifestyle Redesign Program in Taiwan.

”We also initiated the concept of Human Library, as a way of engaging in closer conversations with some of the speakers about career paths, challenges and important moments in their professional development”, says Margarita Mondaca, lecturer at the Division of Occupational and active in the international occupational therapy team.

”The best part of this week, is that the house is full of life and conversations about development, challenges, and innovations in different corners of the world”, says Mandana Fallahpour, assistant lecturer at the Division of Occupational Therapy and also a member of the international occupational therapy team.
”The students’ interactions in the classroom and in an international context is fantastic to witness”, she concludes.

In the evaluation of the week, students commented that their experiences of the week were intense, but full of life, rewarding, and exciting.

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