Published: 01-03-2022 13:44 | Updated: 01-03-2022 14:14

Nikolaos Christidis elected vice president of the Neuroscience Group of IADR

Nikolaos Christidis. Photo: Maria Christidis

Nikolaos Christidis term commences in June 2022 and he will serve as President of the group during 2023-2024.

Already in 2012, Nikolaos Christidis received the award "The IADR Neuroscience Group Investigator Awards by Wiley-Blackwell", which is given to young researchers for outstanding basic, translational or clinical research projects in orofacial neuroscience.

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) is globally the largest scientific organization conducting dental, oral, and craniofacial research to promote oral health and well-being. The neuroscience group within IADR includes researchers, teachers, specialists, clinics and students from all over the world. The group's research focus deals with the role of the nervous system in orofacial function and in the diagnosis and treatment of oral and facial neural, muscular and joint-related diseases.