Published: 10-08-2023 10:05 | Updated: 14-08-2023 15:31

New episodes of Riskzonen in August and September

A man and a woman looking into the camera. Below them in pink letters it says Riskzonen and in a stamp-like seal it says Tema hälsokriser
The podcast Riskzonen season 4 with a health crises theme Photo: N/A

The podcast Riskzonen, featuring well-known KI staff members Mattis Öberg and Emma Frans, is back with a new season! The four episodes were released in May and June, and after a brief break over summer, more episodes will now be released each Monday, starting on 28 August. Each episode features the topic health crisis, in one way or another, ranging from relief efforts in war to antibiotic resistance. The new season is made in collaboration with the Centre for Health Crises.

Riskzonen is a podcast (in Swedish) about the dangers that loom, anxiety and how to handle the unpredictability of life, produced and presented by toxicologist Mattias Öberg and epidemiologist Emma Frans, both working at KI. Together they give the listeners a scientific perspective on events that have had an impact on the world and how we view risks.  

The podcast, which has already been made in three seasons, is back with new episodes! A new feature of the fourth season is the collaboration with the Centre for Health Crises at KI, where Mattias is also an expert coordinator in the field of chemical and toxicological incident. Each of the eight episodes in the new season will in different ways have the theme health crises, ranging from heat waves to how we build health systems that are able to handle health crises, what is known as health system resilience. What they all have in common is that they create risks for both individuals and society. The episodes will follow the same format as in previous seasons of Riskzonen, meaning that each episode will cover a specific risk or threat, often illustrated through a real-life example, which Mattias and Emma then discuss and interview experts in the field.

New episodes in August and September

First up on the 29th of May, was an episode on how to coordinate relief efforts in crisis and disasters, with the war in Ukraine as an example. Johan von Schreeb, KI professor and director of the Centre for Health Crises, who has worked with the coordination of relief efforts to Ukraine, as well as to the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria in February, will be interviewed in the episode. He is one of many KI staff members who will feature in the new season of Riskzonen. After that another three episodes; on antibiotic resistance, heat waves, and poisoning in public, followed, before Riskzonen went on a hiatus over summer.

Just as summer draws to a close and commutes and other activities that lend themselves to podcast-listening returns, Riskzonen is back with another four episodes, to be released in the end of August and beginning of September. Kicking of the second leg of the season on the 28th of August is an episode about outbreaks of infectious diseases, followed by episodes on fear and toxic radiation, poison in food and water, and public health in crises. The episodes are released every Monday and you find them, along with previous episodes of Riskzonen where you find podcast.

Looking beyond fear and panic

”In doing Riskzonen, our ambition has always been to talk about difficult things; risk, crises, threats and worry, and by talking about them make them more understandable and manageable. We want to look beyond the fear and the panic, at what we are actually facing when a crisis or a risk occur. And to know especially highlight the multifaceted topic of health crises, which is always relevant, but has received a lot of attention after the COVID-19 pandemic, feels very relevant right now, says Mattias Öberg, who also features in the Spotify Dok’s series Mörkt vatten, about the PFAS leak in Kallinge.