Published: 28-02-2014 10:00 | Updated: 28-02-2014 10:01

Looking to show the strengths of the student association

With its 3,500 members, the Medical Students’ Association is the largest student association at KI. The leadership is elected for one year terms and this year Karin Böttiger and Elin Ekeroth are Chair and Vice-Chair.

This year's major challenge will be to get more people to understand the strength of the student association, to make the association more attractive and secure more members.

“Since compulsory student association membership was abolished in 2010, the number of members has fallen continuously, and we have to reverse this,” says Karin Böttiger.

How will you accomplish this?

“We must be better at communicating what we do and why students should join. Many people do not really know what the association does or that we have a student representative, a doctoral student representative as well as representatives in most decision-making bodies at the university. There are important elements to the work of the association but perhaps these are less visible than the parties and the social side,” says Elin Ekeroth.

“We also need to identify more advantages of being a member. Seek out new benefits that the students want,” says Karin Böttiger.

Karin Böttiger and Elin Ekeroth are classmates in the Psychology programme and have both previously been engaged in the association's Psychology section. In practice, we will be sharing the leadership role for the Medical Students’ Association,” says Karin Böttiger. She focuses on educational issues and sits on the board of education, while Elin Ekeroth works closer with the association's trade and industry committee and administration committee, and sits on the University Board of Karolinska Institutet.

Why break off your studies for full-time work in the association?

“This is a chance you only get once in that you are able to influence the study time of many students by turning this into something more positive. Personally it is very stimulating too, going from being a student to supervising staff, understanding the budgets and influencing the upper echelons at KI,” says Elin Ekeroth.

“The more I've worked with the association, the more I understand how important it is, and I will do my best to make the Medical Students’ Association as good as it can be. It's very enjoyable work too,” says Karin Böttiger.

Why did you choose to study at KI?

“I was attracted by the psychology programme at KI which has a more medical focus if you compare with other psychology programmes,” says Karin Böttiger.

“Yes, it feels like a modern and well-funded course. With a lot of contact with research and health care,“ Elin Ekeroth continues.

Text: Sara Nilsson

Name: Karin Böttiger.

Age: 24.

Current: Chair of the Medical Students’ Association.

Education: Psychology programme. Has completed semester seven.

Leisure: Since I started at KI, most time has been spent with the association and school. Goes to Friskis and Svettis (exercise classes) sometimes.

Previously: Hostess for the Medical Students’ Association and engaged in the Psychology section. Participated in events from the national psychologist congress.

Would like most right now: That new students get a good impression of the Medical Students’ Association.

Name: Elin Ekeroth.

Current: Vice-chair of the Medical Students’ Association.

Age: 24.

Education: Psychology programme. Has completed semester seven.

Leisure: Goes to the gym and plays tennis, although the association takes up most of the time.

Previously: Chair of the Psychology section for two years, also vice-chair. Board member of the association's orchestra. Student representative on the Departmental and Environmental Council at KI.

Would like most right now: Being able to do a good job for the association over the year.