Published: 09-10-2020 12:21 | Updated: 09-10-2020 13:13

KI receives about 50 MSEK in Forte’s open call for proposals

KI researchers receive 52 120 000 SEK in Forte's yearly call within the areas of responsibility: health, working life and welfare. The purpose of the call is to allow for analysis of advanced knowledge and to contribute to such knowledge in designated research areas or issues.

Project grant

  • Ann-Helen Patomella, “Make My Day: evaluating a stroke prevention program based on participation in engaging everyday activities promoting health”, 4 990 000 SEK
  • Kristina Gemzell Danielsson, “Efficacy of medical abortion through telemedicine versus standard provision – a randomised controlled non-inferiority trial”, 4 800 000 SEK
  • Johan Franck, “Prescription opioid misuse: improving prevention and treatment”, 4 980 000 SEK
  • Sofia Carlsson, “How does occupation associate with diabetes risk and prognosis? evidence from all Swedish employees 2006-2015”, 3 770 000 SEK
  • Neda Agahi, “Aging in flux: how changing behaviors and lifestyles in the new cohorts are reshaping old age”, 4 620 000 SEK
  • Lisa Berlin Thorell, “Digital media use and mental health problems. Early predictors and sex differences”, 3 280 000 SEK
  • Lena Von Koch, “Participation in society after an acquired brain injury - a participatory approach”, 4 900 000 SEK
  • Sara Öberg, “Nation-wide mapping of the use of fertility drugs and their impact on cardiovascular events in Swedish women”, 4 910 000 SEK

Junior researcher grant

  • Xia Jiang, “Using large-scale genome-wide genetic data on millions of individuals to understand causal inference and shared genetic basis between modifiable environmental exposures and multiple sclerosis”, 5 500 000 SEK
  • Cecilia Orellana, “Risk factors differences for occupational injuries among immigrants versus natives in Sweden”, 4 380 000 SEK
  • Donghao Lu, “Impact of premenstrual disorders on women’s health and working life”, 5 990 000 SEK