Published: 15-05-2020 11:30 | Updated: 15-05-2020 15:19

Karolinska Institutet’s holding company expands board

KI Holding and its subsidiary KI Innovations have now combed forces by creating a common board, to which they have added three new members and a new chairperson.

The new members are Daniel Forslund, deputy Region Stockholm councillor with long experience from the government offices and Vinnova; Lisa Sennerby-Forsse, member of the KI board and former vice-chancellor of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; and Katarina Bjelke, university director at KI. 

“Karolinska Institutet’s holding company is vital to KI and its continuing innovative might,” says Göran Stiernstedt, Nomination Committee chairperson and newly appointed chair of KI. “So I’m happy to see that the new board reflects the triple helix model at its most effective. Having representatives of the private, academic and public administration sectors greatly increases the potential for the continuing uptake of innovations in the region.”

Annika Andersson, Chair of the KI Holding board and the KI Innovation board. Photo: Private

“I’m proud and honoured to lead the work of the KI Holding board,” says newly elected chairperson Annika Andersson. “The new board’s ambition is to actively strengthen the region’s innovation system and create a growing and vibrant life science cluster.”

KI Holding and KI Innovations have previously had separate but partly overlapping boards. The merger will now make the process more integrated, seamless and effective.