Published: 12-04-2019 15:48 | Updated: 24-04-2019 15:27

Internationalisation of education at KI is looking ahead beyond the action plan

The work implementing the Action plan for internationalisation is done but the work to internationalise education continues.

Lars Henningsohn and Jonas Sundbäck, appointed by the Committee for Higher Education to focus on Internationalisation of education, gathered responsible at the study programmes to an open meeting 2 April to discuss the recently completed Action plan for internationalisation of first and second cycle education and the continued work based on the national internationalisation report (Internationaliseringsutredningen) and our own forthcoming Strategy 2030. Students also participated and they pointed out, among other things, the importance of integrating Swedish and international students so that everyone can feel they are part of the international university that KI is.

Short summary of the results of the action plan

Staff from LIME and PHS has worked together in a successful way to support the study programmes in integrating Global Health ILOs (goal 1) and teaching in English (goal 2). All programs have implemented both goals. Follow up-meetings and an inventory of future needs for support will be presented in a new report in June. The STINT project Internationalisation of the Curriculum 2017-2020, sprung out of the work with goal 1 and 2, focusing on five of KI's study programmes has come to inspire all study programs to work more holistic on internationalisation.

Goal 3 focused on increasing student and teacher mobility. Mobility as such is an important component for the study programmes and teachers but the goal has not been reached. KI needs to re-define and develop the concept of mobility in order to take it to the next level.

To recruit 200 non-EU students by 2017 was goal 4. Goal achieved. KI is an international attractive university and has potential to recruit more international students and develop the Global Masters portfolio.

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