Published: 15-05-2023 10:16 | Updated: 15-05-2023 10:16

Hugo Lagercrantz Award to Jonas F Ludvigsson

Professor and pediatrician Jonas F Ludvigsson. Photo: Carl Quick

The award is presented by the Pediatric research foundation ”Stiftelsen Barnforskningen” at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s hospital.

This year’s awardee is Jonas F. Ludvigsson, professor at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Karolinska Institutet and senior pediatrician in Örebro. The motivation reads: “For his amazing talent to explain important pediatric research to the public and to healthcare staff.”

The award will be handed out by Professor Hugo Lagercrantz himself at a ceremony at the Karolinska University Hospital on May 16. The award has been presented twice before, in 2019 and 2020

Why did you receive the award?

"I think I receive the award thanks to a number of important papers in the pediatric journal Acta Paediatrica. Among the publications are studies on the health of children in Ukraine, hormone treatment of children with gender dysphoria, and covid-19 among children".

What does the award mean to you?

"I am extremely honoured! I spend very many hours on pediatric research, and then being a pediatrician children are always on top of my mind. This award has a direct connection both to children and to medical research."

The award comes with a personal prize of 50 000 SEK. What will you do with the money?

"I plan to organize a dinner for the research team, but most of the money will help me fund the participation of Postdocs and PhD students at a conference in Copenhagen later this year."