Published: 31-05-2022 11:17 | Updated: 09-06-2022 10:58

Graduation time at KI – students share some of their favourite memories

A sunny picture of Aula medica with a little tree house in front surrounded by trees and flowers.
Photo: Lisa Bergenfelz

What is your favourite memory from your time at KI? What are your plans after graduation? At KI more than a thousand students will be graduating this summer. We asked some of them to share their memories from their time as students and plans after graduation.

Portrait of student sitting with a computer looking into the camera.
Sakura is graduating from the Master's Programme in Public Health 2022 Photo: Private

Sakura - Master's Programme in Public Health, Epidemiology, 2022

What will you do after graduation?

I am planning to stay in Sweden and look for a research position to improve my research skills and to broaden my knowledge within the epidemiological field.

Favorite memory from KI?

I have so many memories during my time here. I especially enjoyed spending time with my amazing classmates, working together for exams and assignments and hanging out on weekends and after classes. Working on my thesis project is also one of my favourite moments. Throughout the project, I have deepened my interest in research and knowledge in pharmacoepidemiology. 

Portrait of a student in front of a red wall.
Sepriani graduates from the Master's Programme in Nutrition Science 2022 Photo: Private

Sepriani - Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science, 2022

What will you do after graduation?

I plan to move back to my country, Indonesia, and continue to pursue my passion in early childhood nutrition. I will apply the knowledge I gained throughout this master’s programme, whether it will be in academia, research or in a clinical setting.  

Favorite memory from KI?

First, being able to make friends from many countries that share similar interests, particularly in nutrition. Second, having a cruise-farewell dinner with my fellow digital ambassadors: it was amazing!

Portrait of a student sitting down in front of a wall of green flowers.
Oneka is graduating from the Master's Programme in Toxicology 2022 Photo: Private.

Oneka – Master’s Programme in Toxicology, 2022

What will you do after graduation?

During my master’s thesis, I have been looking for research assistant jobs. Lucky enough, I got a position in a group at the Department of Medicinal Biochemistry and Biophysics at KI. I am so excited! However, in a year from now, I would probably like to start a PhD.   

Favourite memory from KI?

It is very hard to choose only one! Most are in the company of the amazing friends that I have met in the programme. Since we started our studies during the pandemic, we had no lectures on campus for a long time. Yet, we managed to make up for that by meeting in study rooms, planning weekend getaways, and we even did a trip to Kiruna! And of course, one of the biggest highlights is the study trip with all students and some professors from the toxicology programme to Italy. I could not be more grateful for the quality time I have spent with all of them!  

We want to wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors and say great job – you did it! 

This year, the graduation ceremony will again be held in Aula Medica with a live audience. You can also follow the ceremony online through our live stream. Read more about the Graduation Ceremony for Global Master's programmes  and Graduation Ceremony for Biomedicine students (bachelor)