Published: 30-06-2023 11:43 | Updated: 29-09-2023 14:37

Global Disaster Medicine - Health Needs and Response forms part of capacity building project to prevent the risk of earthquakes and health emergencies

Logotype for the project IPA Care. Name in blue and a circle in blue, red and yellow
Logotype for IPA Care Photo: N/A

Global Disaster Medicine - Health Needs and Responses is part of a consortium led by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, called IPA Care, that aims to address the needs of countries on Western Balkan, along with Turkey, to strengthen their ability to prevent risks related to earthquakes and other health emergencies.

People standing in front of a blue wall with the text Ministry of Health
Partners in IPA Care: Miranda Deda (CIMA), Robert Andrei (DSU), Dr. Alexandru Poll (DSU), Johan von Schreeb (KI), Nieves Amat Camacho (KI), Hannah von Reding (KI) Photo: Ivana Zamahajev

IPA Care (Capacity for Risk Management of Earthquakes and Health Emergencies) is a capacity building project within EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism. The objective is to strengthen legal frameworks, operational capacity and capacity for cross-border operations and preparedness in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo1, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Türkiye.

In the project the Global Disaster Medicine - Health Needs and Response at KI, which is a WHO Collaboration Centre with more than 20 years’ experience of research, education and fieldwork in disaster medicine is working alongside the Italian and Swedish Civil Contingencies/Protection agencies, the Croatian and Romanian ministries of the interior and two Italians research foundations that specialises in environmental monitoring and seismological prevention, together with the civil protection authorities and health ministers in the seven partner countries.

Profile photo of Hannah von Reding, a woman with brown hair wearing a blue blouse
Hannah von Reding Photo: Linn Sjöberg

Visits to the partner countries

“We are currently in a pre-assessment phase and have visited a few of the partner countries. On the 27th of June we had a meeting with the Ministry of Health in Podgorica and two days later we met with the same ministry in Belgrade”, says Hannah von Reding, project coordinator at Global Disaster Medicine - Health Needs and Response who works with IPA Care.

The project is part of the seven partner countries’ membership in the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism and will run from 2023 to 2029. Global Disaster Medicine - Health Needs and Response will continue to work with the project.

1This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.