Published: 07-03-2024 14:30 | Updated: 08-03-2024 08:55

Emma Eliasson talks about POTION in Springer Nature Communities

Emma Eliasson, postdoctoral researcher at the National centre for suicide research and prevention (NASP), is featured in Springer Nature Communities to discuss POTION – Promoting Social Interaction through Emotional Body Odours – a research project that aims to explore whether chemosignals, that can be found in human sweat, in combination with a mindfulness treatment, can lower social anxiety.

Emma Eliasson
Emma Eliasson Photo: private

POTION explores how chemosignals, extracted from human sweat, can impact people’s well-being and reduce social anxiety. By integrating these into treatment, researchers aim to create a new method based on findings from perceptual neuroscience and olfaction studies, to strengthen existing therapies for social anxiety. The results may contribute to developing new strategies for managing social anxiety and improving the quality of life for those affected by this condition.

In Springer Nature Communities, Emma Eliasson, postdoc at NASP, talks about the POTION project's potential to strengthen future treatment methods for social anxiety, and describes the last of a series of clinical studies conducted by POTION, where synthetically produced chemosignals are tested for anxiety reducing purposes.