Published: 04-04-2023 15:30 | Updated: 23-05-2023 13:08

Easier than ever to find research support at KI

Design: Kseniya Hartvigsson.

The web page Research Support & Services has recently been developed to provide an overview of the support and specialised competences available to all researchers, both at their departments and at other units at KI.

What support is available to researchers?

Mål Goal Target

This new presentation of research support is a result of the Lotsen project - one of the main sub-projects within the programme Harmonized professional services. The Lotsen project aimed to summarise, develop and supplement information in order to allow researchers understand what support is available to them within many different areas. The project was run by a group from KI Central Administration (UF) together with three department representatives.

Goals of the project:

  • Summarise broad expertise and support  offered to researchers within many different areas. 
  • Contribute to greater understanding of what researchers need to do and when.
  • Connect competences at the departments with those at the university administration so that research support processes are linked and efficient.
  • Develop a modern web page that presents all available research support, including content development of the following areas: 
    1. Collaboration & Innovation
    2. Legal issues, Compliance & Ethics, including Research contracts
    3. Research Funding & Economy 
    4. Research Data Management 
    5. Communication & Impact
    6. Core facilities & Resources
    7. Clinical Research
    8. Publishing & Archiving

RSO - Research Support Office

Research Support Office is a new division at KI Central Administration (UF) that was established in January 2021. RSO has coordinated the work within the Lotsen project, and continues to develop content within different areas of research support.

Our team

During 2023-2024 we continue to work on clarifying what research support is offered, and how researchers can receive such support. We focus on developing effective communication, simple web navigation, as well as producing modern pedagogical materials (films, pictures, workflows) which aim to increase understanding of different processes and available support. 

Team coordination

Profile image

Björn Kull

Head of Research Support Office (RSO). I have overall responsibility for the research support sub-projects. Contact me if you are interested in cooperation.

Communication & content development

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Kseniya Hartvigsson

Content Developer - contact me if you have feedback on web design and navigation, overall content or media materials (films, workflows and other graphics).

Research data management

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Nikolaos Volakakis

Coordinator - contact me if you have feedback on the content of the web page Research Data Management.

Research contracts / agreements

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Richard Cowburn

Head of External Engagement Office (EEO) and sub-project leader of the research-related agreements.

Department representatives

The following mentors have been involved to contribute to the Lotsen project work:

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Karin Wallin Blomberg

Head of Administration at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience (CNS)
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Thomas Tinglöv

Head of Administration at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut)

Do you have feedback?

The web page Research Support & Services will continue to develop.

  • Do you have ideas about what areas and content could be improved? 
  • Or would you like to become a member of our reference group to improve our web page?

Feel free to contact our team!