Published: 07-12-2017 12:51 | Updated: 28-03-2022 15:49

Distinguished Professor Grants to five KI researchers

Rådsprofessorer 2017

Five researchers at Karolinska Institutet have been approved Distinguished Professor Grant by the Swedish Research Council, each of approximately 3.5-5 million SEK annualy for ten years. In total almost half a billion SEK will be allocated to ten researchers in Sweden.

The aim of the Distinguished Professors Grant programme is to create conditions for the most distinguished researchers to conduct long-term, innovative research with great potential to achieve scientific breakthroughs.

The five Distinguished Professors from Karolinska Institutet

Henrik Ehrsson

Henrik Ehrsson, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Department of Neuroscience

Project title: Ego experiences: Experimental studies and biopsychological processes [Jagupplevelse: experimentella studier och biopsykologiska processer]

Abdel El Manira

Abdel El Manira, Professor of Neuroscience at the Department of Neuroscience

Project title: The organization of neuronal networks that control motor movements [Organisationen av neuronala nätverk som styr motoriska rörelser]

Ulf Eriksson

Ulf Eriksson, Professor of Vascular Biology at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics

Project title: Studies of vascular diseases and underlying mechanisms [Studier av vaskulära sjukdomar och underliggande mekanismer]

Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam

Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam, Professor of Vaccine Research at the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology

Project title: Genetic studies of antibody diversity [Genetiska studier av antikroppsdiversitet]

Rickard Sandberg

Rickard Sandberg, Professor of Molecular Geneticsprofessor at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Project title: Understanding gene regulation by massive parallel genomic analysis of individual cells [Förstå genreglering genom massiv parallell genomisk analys av enskilda celler]