Published: 21-11-2022 14:09 | Updated: 21-11-2022 14:09

Conferment ceremony brings glitter to autumn darkness

Newly minted doctors in their hats sit in the audience. One of them looks behind the camera.
Conferment ceremony on November 11, 2022. Photo: Linnea Bengtsson

On 11 November, it was time once again for 99 new PhDs of medical science to receive their hats and diplomas at KI’s conferment ceremony. The evening also paid tribute to 17 jubilee doctors who graduated at KI 50 years ago.

The event opened in traditional splendour as KI’s doctors and academic management paraded into the flower-bedecked Blue Hall of the Stockholm City Hall, led by the student ushers. The conferment ceremony is when the academic insignia of the hat and diploma are awarded to those who have attained the highest level of academic achievement.

Six new doctors have just received their hats and diploma.
From left: Ceren Emre, Agnes Elmberger, Sofie Eliasson Angelstig, Emma Eklund, Nicky Dunn and Megan Doheny. Photo: Linnea Bengtsson

It was also Professor Ole Petter Ottersen’s last conferment ceremony as president of KI. He began his speech reflecting on the privilege it has been over the past 14 years to share in the joy of over 5,000 new PhDs, first at Oslo University and subsequently at KI. He then gave two pieces of advice to the new doctors: to retain and strengthen international collaboration with an ethical compass and competence, and to keep on enjoying and publicising their scientific endeavours.

Ole Petter Ottersen with his doctoral hat standing on the stairs in the Blue Hall.
Photo: Linnea Bengtsson

The ceremony then turned to this year’s 17 jubilee doctors. In his address to them, the academic vice president for research and conferrer Martin Bergö underlined the unique contribution each and every one of them has made to medical and dental research, care and education, and conveyed KI’s thanks for the privilege to honour two generations of scientific endeavour. In closing he wondered – given the medical advances of the past few decades – if it wasn’t time to make preparations for diamond jubilee doctors, and hoped to see them all again in 25 years.

Martin Bergö standing on the stairs in the Blue Hall and puts on his doctoral hat.
Photo: Linnea Bengtsson
The guests sitting in the Blue Hall. On the first line, the jubilee doctors are sitting with black clothing and their doctoral hats.
Photo: Linnea Bengtsson

During his address, academic vice president for doctoral education and conferrer Robert Harris recalled his own student years and the pebbles on Portsmouth beach. As these pebbles were formed by external forces, so a period of doctoral studies forms a person and science. And once it’s over, it’s time to throw oneself into the sea of science to create ripples that gather into waves of collaboration.

Robert Harris standing on the stairs in the Blue Hall, talking to the audience.
Photo: Linnea Bengtsson
Six new doctors have just received their hats and diploma.
From left: Carl-Fredrik Bowin, Karin Björklund, Peter Benedek, Lucy Bai, Mike Aoun and Ranaa Akkawi El Edelbi. Photo: Linnea Bengtsson

Between the speeches, the Romeo and Juliet choir performed pieces by Tromboncino and Handel, and soloist Martin Stokke Mathiesen sang “What do I Need with Love” from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie and “Who I’d be” from the musical Shrek. The evening concluded with a banquet in the Golden Hall.


Female singers performing on the stairs in the Blue Hall.
Between speeches and promotions, the guests were entertained by the Romeo and Juliet Choir, who performed pieces by Tromboncino.
Overview of the Golden Hall during the banquet. The guests sit at the table and await dinner.
The evening ended with dinner for the new doctors and jubilee doctors in the Golden Hall.
Ceremony in the Blue Hall, the audience watches and listens to a string orchestra..
String orchestra plays during the procession in the blue hall.
Newly minted doctors in their hats sitting in the audience.
99 new doctors of medicine received their hats and diplomas.
Philip Wallenius stands at the podium in the Blue Hall.
Philip Wallenius, student marshal, reads out the names of the new doctors.
Two happy guests stand in the golden hall and look into the camera.
Waiting for the banquet, conferment ceremony in Stockholm City Hall on November 11, 2022.
New doctors with their doctoral hats are walking down the stairs in the Blue Hall.
The graduation ceremony is the ceremony in which academic insignia are presented to those who have previously defended and achieved the highest academic degree.