Published: 22-01-2024 16:40 | Updated: 22-01-2024 16:40

Career workshop with Niclas Lindqvist - boosting your career in Life Science

Are you a KI student who wants to apply for a job in Life Science but is unsure how to get the job? Then you are welcome to attend the workshop "How to land a job" with career coach Niclas Lindqvist from Trygghetsstiftelsen.

Three students sitting at a table with a computer.
Students at KI Campus. Photo: Martin Stenmark

Niclas Lindqvist is a career developer in Life Science and has many years of experience in national and international recruitment. On 1 February he will hold the workshop "How to land the job" aimed at KI's students and doctoral students. Information and registration for the workshop

We asked Niclas some questions about his upcoming workshop:

Niclas Lindqvist owner and CEO of Svensk Medicin AB, Career Coach. Photo: Privat

Tell us about the workshop! What will the students learn?

"How to land a job" is linked to the workshop "The job behind the title" that I held in December where we went through the different roles you can work as in Life Science. Now we go through how you can optimise your chances of getting the jobs you are interested in. We do this through four different steps:

  • Skills inventory. Gather your experience and skills and review your CV. Structure it in the best possible way. Show your potential
  • LinkedIn. All employers are on LinkedIn! Get tips on how to optimise your profile and increase traffic to it.
  • Find the jobs. Where and especially how should you search to find the job you want? Get tips!
  • Interview training. Conducting a good job interview can be difficult and requires a lot of practice. Here's how you can practise for a job interview.

Is there anything special to consider when applying for a job in Life Sciences?

In recent years, companies have struggled to find expertise in Sweden. Job adverts are posted for much longer now (often even "paused") and there is an intense search for the "right" person. Life Science is not as cyclical as many other industries, but applicants must become better at inventorying and visualising their skills. It all comes down to the fact that your CV is one of the most important documents you have and this is your ticket to an interview and a new job. 

If you were to give two tips to someone looking for a job - what would they be?

Short I would say: Network! Build up a network of people in your field - preferably before you apply for a job. And two: Ask questions, talk about the fact that you're looking for a job and keep all your tentacles out. I also want to say that a good CV is important but you are not your CV, you are what you can become! If you have a clear goal, you probably also have the potential to reach it. Your CV should not show what you are - it should show what you can become - competence is easy to show on a CV but potential is more difficult. In the next workshop we will try to show a solution.

More about Niclas Lindqvist

Niclas Lindqvist is a lecturer in Medical Affairs and owner and CEO of Svensk Medicin AB. He works as a global career developer and has 25 years of experience with new launches and re-launches in the pharmaceutical industry. He also works as an advisor in national and international recruitment. He also works for Trygghetsstiftelsen and coaches people who have been laid off due to lack of work. He also holds several workshops and career events - including for our students at KI.

A warm welcome to the workshop organised by KI's career service for students!


Caroline Larsson Ekström Communications Officer