Published: 17-08-2021 11:41 | Updated: 17-08-2021 11:59

BioNut researchers receive grants from Cancer Research KI

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Congratulations to Marco Gerling, Andreas Lennartsson and Staffan Strömblad at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut), who have received the Translational Seed Funding grant / Blue Sky Research grant from Cancer Research KI.

The Translational Seed Funding grant is supporting collaboration between two scientists in the fields of Basic cancer research and clinical cancer research. It is awarded for two years with amounts to SEK 750 000 + 25 % INDI per year. We wish to congratulate:

  • Marco Gerling, BioNut, who together with Ernesto Sparrelid at CLINTEC, was awarded the grant for a project on "Single cell studies of metastasis invasion in pancreatic cancer".
  • Andreas Lennartsson, BioNut, who together with Martin Jädersten at MedH, was awarded the grant for a project on "Identification of novel therapeutic targets disrupting the cell interactions between AML and stroma in the bone marrow niche".

The Blue Sky Research grant for Innovative Cancer Research is a one-year grant, providing SEK 500 000, to support an innovative, "high risk and high reward" pilot project aimed at demonstrating proof of principle. We wish to congratulate:

  • Staffan Strömblad, BioNut, who was awarded the grant for a project on "How may Mechanotransduction Prevent Cancer?"