Published: 13-03-2019 08:46 | Updated: 30-09-2019 13:50

Åsa Steinsaphir and Sara Riggare among the 100 most powerful in the Medtech world 2019!

Each year MedTech Magazine appoints the 100 persons who most affect and contribute to care, patients' health and the availability of medical technology to citizens and patients.

double portrait of Åsa Steinsaphir and Sara Riggare, lead patient and researcher at KI
Åsa Steinsaphir (photo: Anna Molander) and Sara Riggare (photo: Christopher Kern).

This year Åsa Steinsaphir, user influence coordinator in psychiatry, was appointed “Most powerful in the Medtech world 2019”.

Sara Riggare, lead patient and PhD student at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics at Karolinska Institutet, is among the 50 most powerful persons in the Medtech world 2019. In 2015, she topped the list. Earlier this year, Sara was appointed “Swede of the year 2018 in medicine”.

Åsa Steinsaphir and Sara Riggare are members of the team in the research programme Let the patients drive! Implementing patient-driven co-care innovations. They both use their own experience to give patients knowledge and power to manage their own health. They know how important it is for patients to be involved in their own treatment in order to improve their own healthcare experience.

The list of the 100 Most powerful persons in the Medtch world was presented on March 8, 2019.

Congratulations Åsa and Sara!