Published: 18-08-2021 11:06 | Updated: 03-09-2021 13:40

Apply now for Skillbridge student case challenge!

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Welcome to the second edition of Stockholm Skillbridge, the case competition where Sweden's top-tier schools within medicine, communication, engineering, and economics solve problems together.

Innovation in the feilds of life science are happening at a rapidly increasing pace, but they require greater cooperation between different actors. This has become especially clear over the past year during the pandemic, but also when we look at the rapid development we face in the future with innovative treatments. 

At Stockholm Skillbridge student case challenge, you as a student will, during the course of a weekend, have the possibility to cooperate with students from other disciplines to solve a real-life problem, stretching over multiple industries.

Pfizer is the client and will present a case challenge on the topics of Public Private Partnerships, new business models and new patterns of communication to focus on challenges in interacting with public actors. 

Pfizer will, together with the management consulting firm Arthur D. Little, support with guidance, methodologies and industry competence. Teams of four students will present their solution through pitch/video, business case presentation and implementation/execution along with Q&A from the jury. Students of the winning team will be rewarded with a Pfizer internship, custom-made based on the chosen field of study. 

New ideas tend to build on cross-boundary cooperation. Stockholm SkillBridge's unique case challenge format provides you with opportunity to solve the case in cooperation with students from Berghs SoC, Kl, KTH and Stockholm School of Economics. You apply individually but will join a team with students representing the different specializations (see below).


Brief release: Wednesday, September 22nd (evening) 
Competition weekend: 1-3rd of October 
Location: Berghs SoC, Stockholm 


Application deadline 13th of September

Send CV (or portfolio) along with a motivational letter regarding how you can contribute to a case team (no more than an A4) to your school no later than September 5th. You apply individually, the schools handle their own selection process and each accepted student is assigned to a team with one student per school. 

Karolinska Institutet: 
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan: 
Stockholm School of Economics: 


Each participating party has the right to, in their respective business, freely use all 
knowledge/know-how and other results yielded as a result of the mutual activity, independent 
from consent from the other parties. 


Anna Birgersdotter Project Coordinator