Published: 16-04-2024 08:35 | Updated: 18-04-2024 10:24

Angelique bridges the world of clinic, research and teaching at KBH

Angelique Flöter-Rådestad
Angelique Flöter-Rådestad Photo: N/A

Angelique has a background in KI, where she obtained her medical degree, her path has been paved through many years of clinical service at Karolinska University Hospital and she is a specialist in both gynecology & obstetrics and gyneoncology.

Her research is both clinical and translational. The clinical research focuses on quality of life after cancer treatment and the translational research focuses on prevention of breast- and ovarian cancer, specifically in women who are at high risk for cancer. 

She is an experienced supervisor with several doctoral students at KBH as well as lecturer. Her lecturing experience includes both undergraduate-, graduate and specialist level. She is often a guest speaker nationally and internationally and a recognized  expert in menopausal hormone therapy and testosterone treatment. She is also involved in clinical teaching regarding hereditary gynecological cancer.    

The combined lectureship at KBH provides great opportunities to integrate teaching and research in hereditary gynecological cancer, prevention and precision medicine. 

"In this position, I become a good link between the clinic, research and teaching in oncogenetics/hereditary cancer, precision medicine, where we are in a paradigm shift in cancer treatment"

Angelique is well versed in her field, as can be seen in her clinical role as head of the Hereditary Surveillance Department and as Principal Investigator for an ongoing international multicenter study in women with BRCA mutation. 

"My clinical reserach is based on the patient group I take care of. What drives me is to offer these women who have undergone cancer treatment a better quality of life and prevention against breast/ovarian cancer for those with a high risk of developing these cancers due to hereditay gene mutations."

Her passion for research on cancer prevention is topped off by her love for dance which gives her energy. So its perhaps not strange that she is a valued lecturer at KBH.