Published: 23-08-2019 15:44 | Updated: 23-08-2019 16:21

Amgen - inspiring scientists of tomorrow

The Amgen Scholars Program at KI is a summer research program for European undergraduate students at Karolinska Institutet (KI) funded by the Amgen Foundation.

Poster mingle session

More than 400 applied for the summer program of 2019 and 15 highly motivated students were selected to participate. This year’s group of students came from 10 countries, studying in 9 European countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom)

Becoming a scientist

The program coordinated by Jonas Sundbäck which began after midsummer, started with a few days of introduction to research at KI together with lectures on scientific writing and poster presentation. After 8 weeks the program ended last week with oral and poster presentations of the conducted research where the students also get trained in critiquing each other's work.

Enjoying Stockholm

Apart from spending time in the labs the students also participated in workshops. A social program was also set up for the students which involved visits to the Nobel Museum, Birka, Sandhamn and the Hagströmer Library with its collection of rare books in medicine.

It doesn't exist a word in English that can describe this Program. It was truly amazing, open-minding, exciting. It was a unique experience and I was glad I was part of it. I will never forget it.

Participating student 2019

Amgen Foundation’s motto is “Inspiring The Scientists of Tomorrow” and I couldn’t find more suitable words to express what Amgen Scholars Program is about. An amazing experience I will never forget. Thanks to everyone who has made this dream come true.

Participating student 2019