Published: 01-09-2021 10:13 | Updated: 01-09-2021 11:01

Alternative selection for the medical programme (PIL) reintroduced for the Spring term 2022

For the spring term 2022, the alternative selection for the medical programme (PIL), which has been cancelled for the past three terms due to the corona pandemic, is being reintroduced. However, the number admitted via PIL will be lower compared to a typical admissions cycle.

The demand to resume the test and interview-based admissions procedure has been high. The conditions for conducting admissions for Spring term 2022 have improved as the number of people that have been vaccinated increases and society opens up.

“For the interview part of the admissions procedure, KI engages experts who work predominantly in healthcare. However, due to the pandemic, they may need to report to work at short notice to work in healthcare. Therefore, in order to ensure that the entire admissions process can be carried out, the number of applicants admitted via PIL will be reduced in relation to a typical admissions cycle. In this way, we can hold fewer interviews and thus ensure that we can staff them,” says Victoria Rosander, Deputy Head of Unit at the Department of Admissions, Examinations and Disputations.

In the admissions cycle for the Spring term 2022, the selection criteria for the medical programme will be as follows:

  • Grades 41 per cent
  • Higher education aptitude test 34 per cent
  • PIL 25 per cent