Published: 16-03-2023 10:51 | Updated: 16-03-2023 10:59

A new precision medicine action plan for the Stockholm region

Region Stockholm has launched a new action plan for precision medicine in the region. The plan, which was devised in consultation with Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital, will allow more patients to benefit from the research being done in the field of precision medicine.

“The action plan is a crucial component of the regional life science strategy and concerns a field that will be playing an increasingly important part in our ability to give patients more effective, personalised treatment,” says Professor Anna Martling, consultant and dean at Karolinska Institutet North.

Precision medicine refers to the tailoring of treatment based on each patient’s unique circumstances. By gathering different types of health data, such as tissue samples, diagnostic images and blood analyses, healthcare professionals can make more reliable medical assessments and provide personalised treatments. Precision medicine improves survival rates and can also be used preventatively.

For the past few years, Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital and Region Stockholm’s research and development division have been collaborating on precision medicine. A new joint action plan will now be assisting their efforts.

“We’d very much like to introduce new therapies more quickly to our patients, and our collaboration is part of expediting our work,” says Clara Hellner, director of research and innovation for Region Stockholm.

“The action plan means we’ll be able to implement precision medicine in a systematic fashion that improves our chances of success and benefits the patients,” says Professor Anna Wedell, consultant and director of the Precision Medicine Centre Karolinska.