Published: 23-05-2024 09:19 | Updated: 03-06-2024 10:08

A journey through the brain 2024

en resa genom hjärnan
Open Symposium on research and technology in neuroscience. Photo: StratNeuro

The Strategic Neuroscience Research Network (StratNeuro) at Karolinska Institutet celebrated the International Brain Awareness Week with an open symposium on Monday 11 March 2024.

Between 11 and 17 March 2024, neuroscientists worldwide spearheaded efforts to illuminate the significance of brain science during "Brain Awareness Week." The Strategic Neuroscience Research Network (StratNeuro) at Karolinska Institutet contributed to the “Brain Awareness Week” by hosting their outreach event, aimed at sharing enthusiasm and raising awareness for neuroscience research.

If you were around Karolinska Institutet and BioClinicum the 11th of March, chances are you were enveloped in the bustling energy of more than 300 participants mingling with our researchers! PhD students, postdocs, and researchers at Karolinska Institutet delved into the brain fair, "En resa genom hjärnan" (translated as "A Journey Through the Brain"), immersing themselves in hands-on demonstrations, games, and experiments with the participants. Additionally, over 500 participants followed the event live online.

Moderator: Anders Hansen. Speakers: Armita Gölkar, Johan Lundberg, Kristiina Tammimies and Johan Lundström. Photo: StratNeuro
Audience during the symposium. Photo: StratNeuro

Anders Hansen (Din hjärna, SVT), well-known psychiatrist and author, moderated the symposium held during this eventful day. Lectures and Q&A sessions enriched the audience's understanding of diverse neuroscience topics, led by the experts Armita Gölkar (SU), Johan Lundberg (KI), Johan Lundström (KI) and Kristiina Tammimies (KI). Armita Gölkar kicked off the discussions with an exploration of "(In)security in the teenage brain," shedding light on the complexities of adolescent psychology. 

Following this, Johan Lundberg delved into "New treatments for depression," offering insights into innovative approaches to tackle this prevalent mental health condition. After a brief coffee break, the session resumed with Johan Lundström's intriguing presentation on "Our amazing sense of smell and its importance for our health and well-being," providing fascinating insights into olfactory science. 

Finally, Kristiina Tammimies shared insights into "Genetic keys to autism," exploring the genetic underpinnings of this neurodevelopmental disorder. The event culminated in a dynamic discussion panel moderated by Anders Hansen, where all speakers engaged in robust discourse and exchanged valuable perspectives on the forefront of neuroscience research.

Participant using one of our demostration stations. Photo: StratNeuro

Our public demonstration stations proved to be a hit, offering engaging experiences such as exploring neurons and the brain's electrical rhythms, controlling robotic claws, and conducting experiments related to genetic headache research. 

"En resa genom hjärnan 2024" was arranged and organized by Thomas Contesse, Marina Slashcheva, Liesbeth Voorbraeck, Asimenia Gkogka, Alina Aaltonen, Julia Spielbauer, Abishek Arora, Ljerka Delac, Vilma Alanko and Vasco Sousa. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all contributors and volunteers who made this event possible. Special thanks to Ziwei Liu, Wei Li, Lauren Phipps, Sanghita Banerjee, Joana Catarino, Loran Heymans, Johanna Mayer, Josephine Nilsson, Esra Öncel , Jan Johansson, Sebastian Blomé and Julie Klinke. Thanks also to our collaborators from INCF and Tekniska Museet.

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