Published: 12-10-2018 16:03 | Updated: 12-10-2018 16:39

They are this year’s Ragnar Söderberg Fellows in Medicine

Two researchers at Karolinska Institutet have been appointed Ragnar Söderberg Fellows in Medicine 2018. The two researchers will each receive SEK 8 million in funding from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation.

This fundning programme is aimed towards successfull young researchers early in their careers. Important assessment criterias are scientific quality and the ability to independently and successfully manage a research project and become an engaged research leader. In addition to the two Ragnar Söderberg Fellows from KI, a researcher from Lund University was appointed. The two KI researchers are:

Asghar Muhammad, photo: Ragnar Söderberg Foundation 2018.Asghar Muhammad, Department of Medicine, Solna

The project in brief: This project will investigate the extent to which infectious diseases drive cellular aging and if there is a long-term hidden cost of chronic asymptomatic infections on cellular aging in humans. The researchers will take experimental, epidemiological and cellular approaches to reach the objective.

More information from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation
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Armin Lak, photo: Ragnar Söderberg Foundation 2018Armin Lak, Department of Neuroscience (not yet arrived at KI)

The project in brief: Decision making concerns every aspect of our lives, from daily routines such as what to eat for lunch to more life changing occasions such as whom to marry. Despite substantial progress in understanding the psychological and computational foundations of decision making, the brain hardware, i.e. neuronal circuits, that govern choice behaviour have remained elusive. This hypothesis-driven project aims at identifying neuronal circuits that underlie our decisions.

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