Published: 11-03-2022 15:20 | Updated: 11-03-2022 15:20

The Swedish Kidney Foundation allocates SEK 2.6 million to 22 KI researchers

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The Swedish Kidney Foundation allocates SEK 2,2 million to KI. Photo: Getty Images

The Swedish Kidney Foundation has appointed the researchers who will be receiving money this year for kidney research. Out of a total of 49 researchers and SEK 6.1 million, 19 researchers at Karolinska Institutet will share SEK 2.2 million. In connection with the recognition of the grants, one KI researcher will be awarded the Bengt Rippes Research Prize.

The grants go to research related to, among other things, inflammatory kidney diseases, chronic kidney disease stages 1-4, dialysis, transplantation, and health sciences.

"We now hope that effective treatments can be developed in the near future that slow down the progression of IgA nephritis, and it is fantastic that the Swedish Kidney Foundation is contributing to this," says Håkan Hedman, Chairman of the Swedish Kidney Foundation (Njurfonden).

KI researcher awarded Bengt Rippe's research prize

The projects that have been granted funding are to be recognized at a webinar on 10 March on World Kidney Day. It will also be announced that Bengt Lindholm, professor at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology and section manager at Baxter Novum, will be the recipient of the Bengt Rippe Research Prize. During the webinar, Bengt Lindholm will give a lecture on his research on peritoneal dialysis.

For a list of all researchers at KI who have received grants, see the Swedish news article.