Published: 15-02-2023 10:56 | Updated: 15-02-2023 11:15

The Centre for Health Crises publishes its first annual report

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The Centre for Health Crises at KI has published its first annual report, covering activities at the Centre during 2022. Since it is the centre's first year in operation, the report also outline the background to the establishing of the centre, the centre's organisational structure and introduces the staff.

KI formally established the Centre for Health Crises in mid-June 2021 (then under the name Health Emergency and Pandemic Science Center), and the Centre began operations in the first quarter of 2022.The Centre's vision is a society better prepared for future health crises. 

The Centre for Health Crises spans across multiple disciplines and collaborates extensively within KI as well as with external partners. Through research, education and interdisciplinary collaboration, it builds the next generation of health crises experts. 

Visit the Centre's website to find out more and read the annual report below. 

The Centre for Health Crises annual report 2022