Published: 24-10-2017 13:42 | Updated: 10-05-2019 09:42

Study of protein expression in mouse ovarian follicles

In a recent publication in Molecular Human Reproduction, researchers at OnkPat could identify the specific proteome profiling of mouse ovarian follicles at three different developmental stages. To do that, the researchers isolated the follicles and cultured them in vitro. This is the first protein mapping of ovarian follicles ever published.

Kenny Rodriguez Wallberg

- Our work is unique as it represents the most complete catalogue of the whole follicle proteome so far. Additionally, new proteins previously not described could be found in the follicles, says Kenny Rodriguez-Wallberg, associate professor at the department of Oncology-Pathology. Kenny is also working as physician at the department of reproductive medicine at Karolinska University Hospital and is responsible for patients with cancer who need fertility preservation. The first author, Amandine Anastacio, is currently post doc at the department of Oncology-Pathology. The study was done in collaboration with researchers at Pierre et Marie Curie Université in Paris.

The article is Open Access and the protein data are available for the scientific community.

The results from this project may help improving in vitro culturing systems for fertility treatment of young females treated for cancer.


Protein profile of mouse ovarian follicles grown in vitro
Amandine Anastácio, Kenny Rodriguez-Wallberg, Solenne Chardonnet, Cédric Pionneau, Christian Fédérici, Teresa Almeida Santos, Catherine Poirot
Molecular human reproduction, online 23 October 2017