Published: 10-03-2017 15:33 | Updated: 10-05-2019 09:53

Review in Seminars in Cancer Biology

Researchers at OnkPat together with Italian researchers review recent studies on the acidic tumor environment and how this affects tumor growth and therapeutic efficacy.

The tumor environment is characterized by a low pH. Besides contributing to tumor pathogenesis, the low pH can also negatively affect the sensitivity to treatment and give rise to drug resistance. The acidic environment of the tumor is believed to create a chemical barrier lowering the effect of many cancer drugs. Together with his colleagues, Angelo De Milito, associate professor at Department of Oncology-Pathology gives an overview of the research in this area.


Therapeutic implications of tumor interstitial acidification
Iryna Kolosenko, Sofia Avnet, Nicola Baldini, Jenny Viklund, Angelo De Milito
Seminars in Cancer Biology, online 7 February 2017, doi: 10.1016/j.semcancer.2017.01.008