Published: 31-08-2020 15:56 | Updated: 09-02-2021 14:53

NextGenNK at Innate Killer Summit – 2021

The Directors of NextGenNK will present their research and the Competence Center at the digital event - Innate Killer Summit 2021, March 23-25. The meeting will focus on NK cell-based immunotherapies and their clinical translation.

Evren Alici (co-Director), is a key speaker on the first day of the summit, and will present one of the focus areas of NextGenNK; new shielding strategies to improve the durability of NK cell therapy from the patient’s natural immune system. Evren will also speak about the benefit of reducing lymphodepletion on patient care.

Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren (Center Director) will participate in a Round Table Discussion and will discuss the challenges and opportunities, lessons learned and experiences to date of combining current NK cell-based immunotherapies with monoclonal antibodies, different types of engagers, small molecules, and/or established drugs which may offer additional impact of NK cells in therapeutic settings.

For more information about the meeting, visit the official website:


Carin Dahlberg Project Coordinator