Published: 16-06-2021 13:21 | Updated: 25-03-2022 13:31

Learn the basics of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Researcher pipetting a yellow liquid in a LAF hood
Photo: Ulf Sirborn

What do you know about ATMPs? Equip yourself for the future – learn the basics of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). Join in and take the Swedish healthcare into the future!

About the course

A 15 minute introductory course produced within the activities of the Vinnova financed Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) Innovation Millieu towards Sweden being ”world leading in ATMP by 2030”. Pedagogic content and concrete examples to increase the basic knowledge level of all professionsals who in some way may come in contact with ATMPs.

The course is available in both Swedish and English!

More information about the course and registration, you can find on ATMP Sweden's website

Target groups

  • personnel within healthcare, academia, industry, pharmacy and authorities
  • politicians 
  • patients
  • patient organisations


Carin Dahlberg Project Coordinator