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Christine Reus at the research group Urology, Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, will defend her thesis "Rethinking the artificial urinary sphincter : from current knowledge to the development of a new smart device" on June 3, 2022. Main Supervisor is Pierre Mozer.
Congratulations to five researchers at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery who received funding from the Swedish Research Council within the field Medicine and Health at the dividend on October 28, 2021.
What does the defense against bacterial infections have in common with hearing or fertilization? Key players in these and many other crucial biological processes belong to a large family of extracellular proteins using a common polymerization engine known as “zona pellucida (ZP) module”. Detailed information on how ZP module proteins look like in their functional polymeric state has so far remained elusive. Now researchers at KI have finally shed light on this long-standing question.
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