Published: 16-09-2021 16:37 | Updated: 16-09-2021 16:41

New thesis explores medical students' learning from patients in primary health care

Hi Karin Björklund, PhD student at the Division on Family Medicine and Primary Care. On October 15 you will defend your thesis ‘Students’ workplace learning in primary health care: learning from patients’, what’s the main focus of the thesis?

Karin Björklund, PhD student at the Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care, NVS. Photo: Private.

The main focus in the thesis was to explore medical students’ learning from patients about communication and patient-centeredness during workplace learning in primary health care.

Which are the most important results? 

The overall results in this thesis show that medical students’ learning can be facilitated by inclusions of patients’ written content specific feedback during students’ clinical rotations in primary care.

How can this new knowledge contribute to the improvement of people’s health? 

Despite the previously described benefit on individual health outcome of patient-centeredness as a working method for improved person-centered care work still remains to optimize demeanour towards patients and patients’ participations in own health care. By inclusion of patients as feedback providers and collaborators in medical students’ workplace learning valuable predictors of health outcome can be addressed in medical education. Thus, contribute to the improvement of people’s health.

Wha's in the future for you? Will you keep on conducting research? 

After my dissertation, I will continue to work with pedagogical education and projects both at Karolinska Institutet and in primary health care.