Published: 30-01-2024 10:40 | Updated: 30-01-2024 10:40

New thesis evaluates methods to support rehabilitation after major abdominal surgery

Hi Patrik Karlsson, doctoral student at the Division of Physiotherapy. On February 9 you will defend your thesis "Enhanced mobilisation and physical rehabilitation after abdominal cancer surgery : feasibility, effects, and experiences". What is the main focus of the thesis?

Patrik Karlsson, PhD-student at the Division of Physiotherapy. Photo: Private.

The focus of my thesis is to improve the rehabilitation for patients who undergo major abdominal surgery due to cancer, mostly patients with urinary bladder cancer. We evaluate methods to support patients rehabilitation early after surgery at the hospital, as well as structure rehabilitation in primary care following discharge from the hospital.

Which are the most important results?  

We found that providing structured support at the hospital increase patients motivation for rehabilitation in the hospital, which also makes it easier for healthcare professionals to help patients with their rehabilitation. We also found that patients who continue to rehabilitate with support from healthcare professionals after discharge from the hospital experience a higher quality of life and have an increased physical activity, which we know is beneficial for health.

How can this new knowledge contribute to the improvement of people's health?  

By improving the rehabilitation for these patients and finding ways to support patients in their rehabilitation we can increase patients physical activity and quality of life. We can also help patients to be ready for discharge from the hospital earlier and support their motivation for rehabilitation. This improves patients health both in the short, and long term.

What's in the future for you? Will you continue to conduct research?  

I will continue with research regarding the connection between physical activity and health and how we can support patients in their rehabilitation process.


Patrik Karlsson Phd Student