Published: 02-11-2022 13:43 | Updated: 09-11-2022 15:04

New expertise in the field of chemistry/toxicology at the Centre for Health Crises

Mattias Öberg
Mattias Öberg Photo: Private

On the 1st of September Mattias Öberg began working 20% at the Centre for Health Crises. His role is to develop the centre’s work with chemical and toxicological health crises. This will be done through, among other things, monitoring, establishing networks, identifying educational and research gaps, as well as identifying how the centre best contributes to the field.

Mattias Öberg is a senior researcher at the Institute of Environmental Medicine and his main research area is the health risks of chemicals. He leads a research group on integrative toxicology. Mattias has an extensive network in toxicology and disaster toxicology. Among other things he is the charman of the national committee for European Registered Toxicologists, and member of Eurotox’s Executive Committee. He has also contributed to MSB’s support on decision-making when it comes to chemical events, and he teaches master students in disaster toxicology.

- When it comes to chemicals, a health crisis can for example be environmental consequences of busted mining damns or when you suddenly realise that the drinking water contains dangerous substances. It is also getting increasingly common that we see see chemical exposure during conflicts, when chemical facilities are attacked or when chemical weapons are used, or indeed when highly toxic substances are used to poison political opponents in other countries. Chemicals are a complex topic that requires collaboration between different experts. Through research and teaching KI can support and strengthen Sweden’s ability to handle chemical events that threatens people’s health and the environment, says Mattias.  

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