Published: 03-10-2023 10:05 | Updated: 03-10-2023 10:05

Linn Öijerstedt receiving financial support by BioArctic

Congratulations to Linn Öijerstedt for receiving financial support by BioArctic for her postdoctoral fellowship in the pursue of finding a marker of TDP-43 pathology. In addition, Linn has received grants from Björklunds foundation and Demensfonden for her projects on cognitive and behavioural impairment in ALS.

Linn Öijerstedt

Linn is a member of Caroline Ingre’s research group at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience and a resident in neurology, working at the Karolinska University Hospital.

"Almost all patients with ALS (and the majority of patients with frontotemporal dementia) have aggregates of TDP-43 in their neurons. However, measuring TDP-43 in living patients to assess the underlying pathology has been challenging. In the collaboration with BioArctic, we will develop methods to analyse TDP-43 in cerebrospinal fluid and blood. Having reliable TDP-43 fluid biomarkers could improve diagnostics, help in stratifying patients for clinical trials, and in the future potentially be determining treatment options", says Linn. 


Juliette Foucher Phd Student