Published: 04-10-2022 13:54 | Updated: 04-10-2022 14:51

KI researcher receives Jubilee Prize from the Swedish Society for Medical Research

Portrait of Mikael Landén.
Mikael Landén receives the SSMF Jubilee Prize 2022. Photo: Lisa Thanner

Professor Mikael Landén was awarded the Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF) Jubilee Prize for his valuable findings within psychiatry research. This prestigious prize is SEK five million, intended for research. He will also be awarded a medal at the prize ceremony on 21 October.

The purpose of the SSMF Jubilee Prize is to highlight and reward a prominent Swedish researcher within medicine, either within basic experimental research or applied clinical.

The rationale for naming Mikael Landén runs as follows:

”Professor Mikael Landén is awarded for his valuable findings within psychiatry research and his cross disciplinary and visionary approach. His genetic and molecular survey of patients with bipolar disease is the largest in the world. Based on this he identified biomarkers which can make it possible to predict the risk of suicide and provide preventative treatment.”

The Jubilee Prize is a welcome supplement which will be able to contribute further research findings says Mikael Landén of the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

– It means a great deal! For many years we have been good at collecting data in clinical studies. The prize means that we will be able to take on doctoral students and postdocs in order to collect and analyse data so that we have more usable findings.

In addition to the prize money and the honour Mikael Landén will receive the SSMF Jubilee Medal which H.M. Queen Silvia will present to him at the SSMF award ceremony on October 21.

Facts about the SSMF Jubilee Prize

The SSMF Jubilee Prize is given to a researcher who began their career with support from SSMF and who has had major success in science. The Jubilee Prize is of SEK five million and is a block grant intended for research.

The medical universities and members of SSMF can nominate award winners who the SSMF Review Committee assess and place in ranking order. Subsequently, international medical experts judge the highest ranked and their pronouncements go on to form the basis of the choice of award winner.

The Jubilee Prize was inaugurated in conjunction with the celebration by the Swedish Society for Medical Research, SSMF, of its 100 year Jubilee in 2019. The very first Jubilee award was given to Gonçalo Castelo-Branco, a professor at the Karolinska Institute. The prize is awarded every third year.