Published: 14-11-2017 16:10 | Updated: 16-11-2017 15:59

KI placed 15th among the world’s best universities for medicine

Times Higher Education (THE) places Karolinska Institutet at number 15 among the world’s best universities for medicine (pre-clinical, clinical studies and health sciences) in this years ranking. Among European universities, KI finished in 5th place.

THE also ranks universities in the field of life science, where KI is in 25th place worldwide and 7th in Europe.

This year, THE presented a new field of psychology and here KI was ranked 19th worldwide and 3rd in Europe.

“THE’s new field of psychology shows an exciting result on KI’s part, although this is a relatively small field and a longer series of results is required to better interpret the significance,” says Björn Forslöw, Controller of Operations at Karolinska Institutet.