Published: 26-11-2018 14:54 | Updated: 26-11-2018 15:06

KI and SLL collaborate with Philips on the usage of images in healthcare

Radiological images play an increasingly important role in healthcare – for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of the patient. KI and Philips have initiated a collaboration to meet tomorrow’s clinical needs.

KI and Philips have since November 2016 a framework agreement, which facilitates setting up joint research and innovation projects.

The collaboration between KI and Philips originates in an innovation partnership between Philips and the Stockholm County Council, which was initiated in 2014. The partnership, which spans over 14 years, enables long-term and efficient development of imaging in healthcare. Philips has established a research hub with onsite research personnel at the Karolinska University Hospital.

The innovation partnership is based on the so-called triple-helix model, in which industry, academy, and healthcare collaborate to develop patient care. The academic research that is conducted at KI is hence an important component in the collaboration.

Three focus areas for the collaboration with great potential for innovation in highly specialized healthcare have been identified:

  • stroke
  • non-advanced prostate cancer
  • minimally invasive surgery