Published: 29-11-2022 14:18 | Updated: 29-11-2022 14:19

KI and Cancer Research Horizons announce 5-year partnership

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Karolinska Institutet and Cancer Research UK’s innovation engine, Cancer Research Horizons, have announced a 5-year strategic partnership dedicated to accelerating the translation of academic cancer research into improved treatments for patients.

Working together, both partners will drive forward a shared long-term strategy of promoting and supporting industry collaborations, aiding in the generation of new scientific discoveries that can be rapidly translated into the clinic. 

Under the terms of this new partnership, the parties have committed to several joint activities including research collaborations and funding initiatives, theme-based alliances, mutual access to facilities, expertise, materials, and tools, as well as joint events, and training programmes.  

“Karolinska Institutet has the vision to advance knowledge about life and strive towards better health for all. Delivering on this vision requires close collaboration with multiple different organisations. We are particularly excited by the opportunities that will arise from our new partnership with Cancer Research Horizons when it comes to realizing our ambitions to translate basic and clinical research knowledge into meaningful therapies for cancer patients,” says Martin Bergö, Academic Vice President for Research at Karolinska Institutet.