Published: 01-06-2021 10:22 | Updated: 02-06-2021 13:04

Joana Pereira - new research group leader

Joana Pereira officially starts as research group leader today, June 1, although she has been managing her own group for a while now.

Joana Pereira, new research group leader at the Division of Clinical Geriatrics, NVS, KI. Photo: Private.

”My group will focus on brain network approaches and their relationship with clinical and biofluid markers in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders”, says Joana, docent at the Division of Clinical Geriatrics at NVS, KI.

”At the moment, there are 3 people in my group: Anna Canal Garcia (PhD student), Mite Mijalkov (Postdoc) and Daniel Vereb (Postdoc who will start in October). I also co-supervise 1 PhD student from KI (Emilia Schwertner), 3 PhD students from GU (Yu-Wei Chang, Emiliano Gomez, Meera Srikrishna), 1 PhD student from KTH (Fabian Sinzinger) and 1 PhD student from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Egle Kuodyte).”

”I am looking forward to build a strong research group dedicated to the development of new brain connectivity measures and graph theoretical approaches to improve the early diagnosis, assessment of disease progression and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.”