Published: 01-06-2020 12:00 | Updated: 02-06-2020 18:12

Forte grants funding to project illuminating professionals’ decision making around low-value practices

Question mark. Photo: Pixabay

Researchers at the Medical Management Centre (MMC), Karolinska Institutet, have been granted funding for the research project "The quandary of low value care: health professionals’ decision-making on abandoning ineffective practices". We asked project leader Henna Hasson to tell us a little more about the project.

"A large number of interventions used in health care lack evidence of effectiveness (i.e., low-value practices). Professionals’ decisions regarding abandoning these practices are not only a matter of scientific evidence; the puzzle is far more complex with relational, economic and personal interests playing a role", Henna Hasson explains.

"This project aims to investigate how health care professionals navigate the landscape of their individual preferences, conviction of scientific evidence, patient requests and health care system goals to make decisions regarding de-implementation of low-value care", she continues.

How will you proceed?

"A factorial survey experiment will be applied to empirically test how professionals carry out the decision-making."

In what ways can this new knowledge contribute?

"By providing new knowledge on how and why professionals make decisions related to low-value practices. It offers a wider contribution to the research on implementation in terms of closing the gap between research and practice."

Who else is taking part in the study?

"Apart from myself, Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz and Hanna Augustsson, both members of the research group PROCOME, MMC, at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics".

The project has been granted funding from Forte's targeted application for implementation research 2020.


Henna Hasson Adjunct Professor