Published: 03-04-2020 15:50 | Updated: 17-05-2020 17:14

COVID-19 web courses now available in various languages

Two weeks ago Karolinska Institutet launched two COVID-19 courses in Swedish for care providers, medical personnel and providers of social services and care of elderly as well as personnel working in connection to these services, following a request from the National Board of Health and Welfare. So far over 65 000 people have completed the courses. Now both courses are available in English. The first course is also available in Arabic, Persian and Russian.

Photo of nurse washing hands.

The objective of the training courses is to strengthen readiness and provide information on the most important principles and challenges involved in the work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The courses aim to clarify guidelines and recommendations so that the staff can focus on their work with the patients. The first course is for all care providers regardless of profession, including those working in elderly care homes, home care, medical centres and hospitals. It describes the disease and how staff can best protect themselves, their patients and their facility from infection. The other course is primarily for people working with patients, such as doctors, nurses and assistant nurses and focuses on how to put on and take off protective equipment and what to think about when caring for patients with COVID-19. The courses are online and free of charge. 

Since the launch of the courses on 18th of March, over 65 000 people have registered and completed the Swedish version. To ensure that as many people as possible have access to the knowledge in the courses, intense preparation has been done to ensure the translation of the material in to other languages. Now both courses are available in English. The first course is also available in Arabic, Persian and Russian. 

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Online courses on COVID-19 for care providers