Published: 07-04-2021 14:58 | Updated: 08-04-2021 09:55

Cancer researchers aim to reach a wider audience

Yvonne Wengström is one of the organizers behind KI's cancer research day. Foto: Martin Stenmark

On April 29, KI will host a digital event focusing on cancer research, where researchers and professors will gather to talk about their ground-breaking research. Yvonne Wengström is one of the organizers and hopes for strong participation and an interactive dialogue on research in the field.

Why is the "One Day for Cancer Research" event needed?

"It feels important to disseminate new findings from the extensive cancer research that is being done at KI to a wider audience so that patients, relatives and the general public can be informed of how the results can lead to improvements in care and the development of new therapies.

What is your role in the event and cancer research at KI?

"I am responsible for the working group whose aim is to disseminate through various channels the results of the work we do at Cancer Research KI, the overall organization for cancer research at KI. I work at the Department of Neurobiology, Health Sciences and Society and my research is about physical exercise following a cancer diagnosis which is aimed at making the patient feel better and recover both before, during and after treatment is completed.”

What efforts are being made in cancer research?

"There is always intensive research in both basic and clinical research. To achieve this we are focusing our resources on preventive research at KI, i.e. how cancer can be prevented.”

What challenges does cancer research face?

“Also, if significant progress is made in many areas, treatments can be improved for most cancers. It is therefore important for KI to support basic, clinical, and healthcare research, and to ensure that new findings are translated into new treatments as soon as possible so that patients will benefit. We also need to evaluate how COVID-19 has affected clinical care, the quality of cancer registration/data, and the future funding of cancer research. 

A selection from the programme

Participation is free of charge but registration is required.